thug lyfe foreva! or something like that… ^_^;

this entry was brought to you by klepto bismoltm! the new stomach-soothing medicine that’s so great-tasting that you just can’t stop taking it!

…now back to our regularly scheduled journal entry on KRUD… don’t touch that channel, you’ve got krud on it!

pete and i collaborated on a cd together… i’m calling it “music to thug by” – bunch of thuggish songs, hehehe… ^_^; it’s burning as i’m typing this… ^^

*yawn* i’m sleepy, but i don’t want to go to bed because if i go to bed that means that i have to wake up and iron my shirt (better not forget to toss it in the washer! ^^;) and go off to work tomorrow. which means standing around for 8 hours. grr.

but work does mean that i get to make lots of easy filthy lucre! ^_^ and this lucre of a filthy nature is raised at a rate usually reserved for only two types of people – prostitutes and bill gates! ^_^

i did see the last third of cowboy bebop at dan’s house today… wooooow. that is one amazing anime. o_o now if we only had a dvd player here (the darn dvd players in the computers won’t work for a few of the bebop dvds… -_-;;), i’d be able to sit and watch it whenever i feel like ^____^

we (meaning myself, dan, marc, leah, dave, and dave’s parents and brother and sister) went to this restaurant today for dinner for dave’s birthday. this cool place called “sakura” – it’s like benihana’s in that they cook the food in front of you and do nifty little tricks with the cooking utensils and set the food on fire right in front of you. it wasn’t that bad – pretty fun… ^_^ and then we went to dave’s place for cake and presents – he got a new printer and a refrigerator ^^

and i’ve got some new ideas to adopt as my attitude… i’ll let them evolve and think ’em over while i’m at work tomorrow… there’s nothing else to do, really… ^^;

there… done burning… i suppose i ought to get off to bed now… ^^; and dream of filthy lucre and women! the two things every thug should have! ^__^ (but i’ve only got half of that combination… *pout pout*… this is where my idea for an atttude that i’ll be thinking over at work tomorrow comes in… ^^;)

how much for the weemen?


the weemen – your wife… the little girl… your daughters… sell them to me! SELL ME YOUR CHILDREN!!

um. yes… ^_^;; g’night ^_^