thinking up witty subject lines since 1999 (well, not really, but it rhymed… ^^;;)

i worked a ton of hours today! and my feet barely hurt! yay dr. scholls! ^_^ there were two good incidents (one guy said that i sold him on getting this one plan, so i should have recieved the comission, but i couldn’t have because i don’t work for verizon… i still work for my temp agency ;_; … the other incident was where this one lady said she liked my shirt and tie combination… not that spectacular, but it was funny. ^_^;;), and two bad incidents (one lady kept complaining to me how “i ought to offer some sort of compensation” to people who i send to the back because they say “my phone is broken”, and their phone turns out either too old or too expensive for them to realistically repair, so they have to come back out to the front of the store to speak to a salesperson about getting a new phone… honestly… what sort of compensation CAN i offer? i just stand there and say “ok, now mr. so-and-so goes next, and then we squeeze in ms. such-and-such because she’s just paying a bill, but that causes mrs. pain-in-the-ass to complain to me…” i should have said “ok, you want some compensation? here, i’ll give you five…” and then i’ll give her a high-five and say “right on!” the other bad experience involved this old guy who got pissed at me and kept yelling at me, but his grandson apologised for him since he was so old, hehehe, so it’s not that bad – he’s just a bit senile, apparently, hehe)

i started to think of features i’d put in if i were to figure out how to write a program for my handspring to replace our sign-in sheets… it’d need…

normal / necessary features

  • to have space for me to put in their first name and last name
  • mark what they’re here for
  • mark if they were served already or not
  • mark if they need to see a particular employee

    neato / kinda-necessary but cool features

  • listing for how long they’ve been waiting
  • have the program automagically put in order the people who are waiting (like put people who have just a bill to pay or something to buy in between customers wanting new service on their phones)
  • average the last 5-10 customer wait-times so i can give people an idea of their wait

    super neato-features that aren’t necessary but would be awesome to have

  • storing what people have been here for before to help process people faster
  • a karma button (with options for -2, -1, 0, +1, +2), where depending on the experience with a customer i can rate the experience working with them – that way (combined with the handy-dandy customer history feature) i can see who’s quick to anger or be irritated and deal with them appropriately. (most customers would get a 0, and depending on how good/bad a customer was i’d give them either a +/- 1 or a +/- 2) with the customer storage thingy then it would tell me when i entered their name the sum of their karma (so their being good would help increase their rating, and being bad would decrease their rating)

    anybody know anything about coding on the palm? if so, want a project? ~_^

    and today after work i went off to tower to see if we finally got the “discovery” cd by daft punk in stock (we did! ^_^) this cd contains songs used in the music videos on cartoon network two weeks ago. and they let me use my discount to get it! (not that it made that much of a difference… it was on sale, after all… ^^;;)

    i’ll just need to drop in tomorrow at verizon to get them to sign my timesheet ‘cos i forgot to have them do that today… ^^; and i’ll have to go to the temp agency to have them photocopy the timesheet, and then off to the bank and then the library to return some overdue library books, and then susan, betsy, and myself get to drive off to randy-mac! woo! ^^