the incredible time-travelling journal entry

i ought to go to bed, but just having had caffeine and needing to have food make this impossible.

this is so going to make me mad in the morning. we have nothing breakfast-y to eat. nothing at all. no cereal. no bagels. well… we do have toast and eggs, but i’m not in the mood for toast and eggs. 😛

i’m sleepy right now, but i can’t fall asleep. too hungry. 🙁

*makes some toast* i keep wanting to call it “tost”… hah…

george at work kicked me yesterday (as in wednesday). i was crouching to stretch my legs out at work, when this good-looking girl walked in front of the store. he kicked me because i didn’t come and get him to come and see her, hehe. ^_^; i think all the guys in the store noticed when we had some girls come in the store today, lol… ^_^

but he did like an idea i had… i said that there ought to be “ladies’ night at the verizon wireless store”, and he said i ought to be head of marketing, hehe. ^_^

and at work today (as in thursday), the salespeople told me how glad they were to see me. apparently they don’t really care for that new guy they got to work at the store… he’s having to study for a real-estate test next friday, so he does his reading and studying in the store when he should be directing customers, so he’s hard to find… goes off in the back or in the corner to read… heh. they asked me why i try so hard, and i shrugged and said that when i figure that my job barely requires two braincells to rub together, and that i can basically be replaced by some frequently asked questions brochures and a sign saying “<- salespeople | billing ->” that i had better be the best damn greeter that any store has ever seen, hehe.

but it gets tough, like yesterday (as in wednesday) when a man and his wife? girlfriend? were in the store… i overheard the lady with him say to a friend of hers how the guy kept thinking she was unhappy that day even though she wasn’t. anyways, so i’m standing at the door and the man and the lady are moving quickly for the door and so i say to them “take care” and get an angry “eh, fuck you!” in return. 😛 guess for some reason that guy didn’t get what he was wanting. 😛 the lady with him yelled at him for that, though. ^_^; that actually caused me to laugh about that more than it upset me, though, hehe.

if anyone in the annapolis area wants some temporary work at the local boat show, let me know and i’ll point you to the appropriate people… my temp agency is looking for people to work there…

*makes more toast* man, there’s got to be something about me and dropping vowels from words… i was once in a spelling bee in 7th grade or so and they said “spell opera” and i said “O-P-R-A, ‘opera’…” ^^;;

dad got back from chicago today… we got some swag as souveniers that he picked up from a convention he went to on brownfields (he works for the epa in their oil ‘n coal (or is it oil ‘n gas? who cares, i know it’s got oil in there somewheres) as an environmental scientist, or a “paper-pushing beauracrat”… i don’t think he likes his job, hehe ^_^;)

and speaking of not seeing people in a while, i haven’t seen one of my sisters since monday night… the way my schedule worked this week, i was asleep when she went off to school, and left for work before she got home, and got back from work after she had to go to bed. that all seems a bit, y’know, odd to me…

and i got a paypal donation today (as in early thursday morning)! it was from blonnie, who saw my user info and sent me $1.00 over paypal, hehe. i donated that to the red cross, though, but after paypal fees they got a total of $0.67. oh well, it’s better than nothing, hehe. ^_^;

bedtime… maybe i’ll give amanda a call today, if time permits… ^_^