subliminal messages

hehehe – at work we had these clearance bins with these cd wallets… you know, the kind that can hold 208 cds? well, this one girl at work went to buy herself one with her discount at the end of the day… turned out that these were originally priced at $40, put on clearance at $13.99, and our employee discount was $13.98! we got these for $0.01, each! paige decided to then buy everyone binders, hehehe… we really cleaned house, too – there weren’t any of the 208 cd holders left, and we took most of the ones that were one size smaller. ^_^ i was able to get one for myself, one for our van, and one for kelly and one for anne… and it only cost me $0.04! zowie!

we were also joking around at work when we were closing up… lots of people in the store for a sunday night, and still people were coming in shortly before we closed up. mollie did a closing announcement that went “hi! we’re closing soon. please buy things. bye!” we thought it was a good subliminal message, hehehe. ~_^ we also suggested that someone should read a modified copy of “goodnight moon” over the intercom… “goodnight gorillaz, goodnight eva cassady, goodnight beatles, goodnight tower…” ^_^

and i sent in my weeks’ notice to my boss tonight… looks like my last night of working is going to be next sunday. and on tuesday of this week i start my new job! ^_^ yay!