thePfhitz: hehehe – to quote a great man, “damn, i need to get laid tonight” ^_^;

zenmetsuuu: lol, what?

zenmetsuuu: what great man? 😛

thePfhitz: me ^_^

zenmetsuuu: what, you feeling especially horny tonight? ¬_¬

thePfhitz: not really right now, but there were too many cute girls at work, hehehe

zenmetsuuu: 9_9

thePfhitz: well, there’s nothing else to do for 8 hours when you’re standing around but look at the scenery! ^_^;;

zenmetsuuu: but there ARE other things to do NOW 😛

thePfhitz: that’s why i’m not really horny right now! ^_^;

zenmetsuuu: and yet you felt the need to randomly say to me that you need to get laid AND imply that you’re a great man, lol

thePfhitz: *shrug* well, SOMEBODY had to say it… ^^;