naptime until shiptime

ordered some books from last night to help me practice japanese… “japanese verbs and essentials of grammar: a practical guide to the mastery of japanese” and “a dictionary of japanese particles”. that first one’s backordered, though, so i wouldn’t be getting that for 3-5 weeks or so. even though i said “don’t ship until everything is in stock”, hopefully they’ll ship me everything else before that gets in… ^^; these books should help me with exactly what i was having problems with – verbs and particles. i also got “fight club” on dvd too. ^_^

i only got 6 hours of sleep last night. almost fell asleep in the shower, and again almost fell asleep in the middle of mass. ^^;; usually 6 hours is ok (a little low, but still ok), but considering i only got 3 hours of sleep the night before. so the only plans i have for the day today is to finish cleaning up my room now that it’s all rearranged, and take a nap. ^^;