my baloney has a first name, it's o-s-c-a-r… ^_^;;

ok, i’ve had pizza for dinner, then cookies, then milk, then slim jims, and just now i’ve had a bowl of cereal.

and i’m still hungry!

parents: “hmm… cereal after slim jims… let’s hope we don’t have to get your stomach pumped…” ^^;

gargh! and now i just spilled milk from my cereal (i gotta have my pops!) on my pants! >_<;; grr... great, now i've got splotches - 2 of 'em - one one each knee... ^^; and i'm still hungry! ^^;; time for ice cream! i think... maybe a sandwich... mm... and while i eat i'm researching hard drives… maybe i can fit a 3rd hard drive into my g4… and if i can’t, well, then, i’ll have to swap out my 10 gig with whatever i get… (evelyn’s already got dibs! ^_^) now i just need to wait until mac os 10.1 comes out – new system gets a new home on my computer! ^_^ it sure is fun to have a computer that actually works for a change… only problem is then since it works so well you always want to buy it treats, hehehe ^_^;;