japanese snack addictions

dan came by today and we worked on his music vid, so now he’s got it on tape. ^^ now as soon as i get my hard drive back from maxtor, then i can put it into an mpeg.

went and bought quake 3 today. (yes, i’d been using a pirated copy until now ^_^;; arr, jimboy, arr!) got quite a bargain… quake 3 and the team arena mod for $30 (dan got the team arena mod for $18 several months ago – that would mean i got quake for $12! ^_^) the guy at babbage’s was pretty cool, too, so we chatted with him for a bit. ^^

and the best part? it’s a hybrid cd! woo! it’s got the data files on there and both mac and pc installers! (not that i need the mac installer – just needed to download the executable from id software and use the pc data files and the serial number) but, this makes things Easy. and we all like Easy things, right? ^_^

also went to visit dave at his dorm, and hung out there. one of the things we did while we were there was go visit pandora’s cube, which is a local anime store (not the best anime store, but when you’re needing anime-stuff, it’s one of the few places around). i don’t try to buy anything when i go there (they’re evil!) but today… well… one word… pocky. ^______^

i got a new idea for a music video now, hehehe – need to hear back from dave’s friend for some footage i might need to use, hehe… ^^

and i’m off to bed now… gotta work from 10 am until 9 pm… 11 hours, ugh! that’ll be almost double the amount of sleep i’ll be getting tonight! ^^;;

and that apple store in tyson’s corner better not run out of copies of 10.1 by sunday… oooh, because then i’ll have to do something bad! >.>