i feel like making icons but 1. i'm too lazy and 2. i'd need some sort of source material and 3. i'm stupid like that ^_^;

work was ok today – no complaining customers! (well, one guy was complaining to a salesperson so much about something that was out of our control, and after the salesperson kept telling him to call and talk to customer support because it’s an issue they’d have to help with, the man said “this means that verizon doesn’t really care about its customers!” and so the salesperson just said “know what? this conversation is over!” and walked away. they eventually worked something out, so the guy left in a not-bad mood, hehe)

i went and bought the new they might be giants cd, “mink car” (what? they have a new cd? that’s what i said when liz said they were on the daily show talking about their new album, hehe) ^_^ it’s pretty good, especially this song – i really really like it ^^

i dropped off (finally!) my pictures from otakon at the picture place to be developed today ^_^;; dropped them off this morning, but their photo printer was busted and they didn’t know when their technician would be in to fix it. so i said i’d just drop by after work and see if they were done because i just work at verizon which is two doors down from there. they ended up calling me at work to tell me that the machine wasn’t going to be fixed today, and so they were sending the pictures off to some other store to be developed and they’ll be ready tomorrow morning. ^__^

i also meant to stop by the fedex place today before work to have them ship out my hard drive to get a replacement one, but (as i keep doing the past few days) i’m remembering to go to the fedex place, but i keep forgetting to bring my hard drive i want to ship out! ^^;;;

and i’ve been playing more of castle wolfenstein… wolfenstein = yummy!

hmm… maybe i’ll clean up my room this weekend… it’s getting messy and i need to keep things off of the floor so crickets won’t poke around in my stuff… -_-;;;