holy smokes, i can't think up a title for this one! ^_^;

dan and i got 3 hours of sleep last night, hehe… i stayed up playing wolfenstein and he poked around on the internet looking up videos of different video games. ^_^;

lol – some guy on a movie or something on tv just said “shove it up your dupa!”

mom was flipping through channels earlier… we watched something on cnn about afghanistan… sad stuff… ;_;

then we saw on the fox family channel they were showing blazing saddles (which they showed last weekend at this same time! they must have short memory spans!). i swear, on that channel they only show three different shows, and only have two different episodes for each show. i’m serious. every time my sisters are watching that channel, it’s the same shows each time. -_-;; not that i really mind them showing a total of 6 different episodes and the occasional movie of the month (seeing how i myself don’t watch that channel anyways), but it just contributes to the general stupidity-emissions that come from the tv set when that channel is on. ^^;

and i got to watch the second half of red dwarf on tv tonight! ^__^ the episode was “quarantine” (i think i have it on tape, but in any case, i’ve seen it before). it’s been soooo long since i saw red dwarf on tv… i’d just be returning from work at about this time when i worked at tower, and so i hadn’t been able to watch any of my saturday night shows at all since the beginning of july! ^^;

i got my room almost all cleaned up! ^_^ rearranged some things so now my bed is in the same place but on the opposite wall, and the spot where the bed used to be now has my dresser (which was where my bed currently is now), and my desk stays in the same place. but at least i moved our old computer down there so i can work on it properly and scan pictures and fiddle with it ^_^ it’s about 7 or so years old, but i got a processor upgrade for $40 that moved it up from a 60MHz 601 chip all the way up to a speeedy 240MHz G3 chip. ^____^ and from my aunt ‘n uncle’s old computer i took out its hard drive and cd rom so i upgraded those too. it’s not as fast or as capable as my own computer, but as for a scanning workstation, it’s plenty capable. ^_^ but the beta of photoshop 6 i used was too scratched up or something and so now it keeps saying that the installer had an error. -_-;; looks like i’ll be using graphicconverter for scanning ‘n possible icon-making, then! ^_^;; it’s not that great for editing, though… just for converting from one format to another, really… but it’ll have to do…

did i mention that we’re hiring another greeter to work at the store? they want a greeter there for every hour that they’re open at verizon, and so this new guy they’re getting is going to split the 72 hours a week in two, so we’ll both be working 36 hours / week. i don’t really mind even though it is $40 less than what i currently make. it’s still double the hours i was working at tower, and almost double the salary. and so that’s quadruple the money that i made at tower, and my interaction with cranky customers is halved! ^_^

phooey… now i have to clean up this bookcase-type thingy next to our computers. mom’s orders.