i’m in a happy mood today! work went by fast (morning shift -> afternoon shift means store starts empty and gets progressively busier), i came out fast and right on in count-out so i got out on time, the verizon people are letting me finish up my shifts at tower (even though they wanted me to work on friday and saturday when i’m already supposed to work for tower), it was a nice day outside so i drove home with the windows down, nobody else is home now so i can lounge around and enjoy the place to myself right now, and today’s just going very very well! ^___^

and you know those cd binders i got for $0.01? well, apparently they weren’t supposed to be like that… the store manager sent out an e-mail saying how “employee discounts are to be used on non-clearance items, and how people should realize that getting something for $0.01 is probably too good to be true and people should notice that and be smart enough etc etc and if people keep that up the supervisors’ll have to re-evaluate peoples’ worth to the staff of tower.” oh well. ^_^;; ‘cos i’m leaving tower in 3 days anyways! i could care less!! XD

funny, though… with only 3 days left i’m doing some of the best customer-servicing i’ve ever done… hehe ^_^;;