free your mind

i saw a fight on a schoolbus on my way to work. the bus had to stop in front of me so they could break up the fight. heh.

george at work is a riot, hehe. he told me at work some story how he wrote a paper for a philosophy class and recieved a “c” on the paper because he “needed to be more free with his writing.” so next time he wrote a paper he drank a 12-pack before writing it, and he bs’ed and plagarized with the entire thing and ran the spell check (the only correct thing he did, he says) and got an “a” on that paper, hehe.

i got back from work and there was a message from punkstergurly – she lives in maryland also and she saw my post on matchmaker and decided to chat with me. ^_^

oh, yes, i didn’t mention how i joined up on the community matchmaker… well, it couldn’t hurt ^_^;

stu says that i wouldn’t be able to submit my music video to katsucon because their time limit is 5 minutes as opposed to otakon’s 6 (my music vid is 5 minutes 58 seconds long ^^;;;). phooey. we figured that if i couldn’t get special permission to show my vid, maybe i could put up a message at the beginning saying “due to time constraints, i had to cut a minute from my music vid, so i’ll be fast forwarding through the boring parts.” hehe – i wonder what people would think if they walked in on the middle of the video and it started fast-forwarding at random, hehe… ^_^;

mmm… liberated oreos… ^_^