finally, otakon pictures! ^_^

i finally got my otakon pictures developed and scanned! ^_^ so, now that everyone else’s pictures have been seen, you get to look at mine now! ^__^

side note: while i was scanning these, my scanner (several years’ old) seems to not be able to make up its mind how well to scan a picture. one picture might come out really well, and the next picture might come out really terrible. at first i figured that my next big electronic purchase to start saving up for would be a new scanner (my current one only works with our old computer, which is also several years’ old), but then i figured, hey, i’ll just cut out the scanning bit altogether and get myself a digital still camera! (already got myself a digital video camera!) ^_^ i think i’d like that much better… ^^

anyways, onto the pictures! ^__^

jess idres of the webcomic “yin and yang” just before the webcomic panel on friday

nick yu of “bad boys of computer science”and ian j. of “rpg world” joke around with the audience before the webcomic panel

the webcomic panel!

a cosplayer as hamel from “violinist of hameln”

the evil fiends of world domination, incorporated ~_^

a cosplayer as il palazzo from “excel saga”

cowboy bebop cosplayers! meaghan as julia, evelyn as ed, and myself as spike! ^_^

it’s… POCKY MAN!

mai shiranui from fatal fury and king of fighters – drool in appreciation! ~_^

more hameln cosplayers! this time, it’s raiel, sizer, and hamel

will, susan, and gabe hanging out

and while i’ve been typing this, i’ve been watching this show about late-night tv show, and in one bit there was a clip from a jay leno show… he was interviewing some lady when her boyfriend showed up and asked her to marry him. everyone was all emotional and leno was just sitting there saying things like “wow, lookit that ring!” and “um, elton’s getting jealous” since they also had elton john as a guest on that show. the next night, leno said “that night summed up my high school career… i would be talking with the most beautiful woman in the room, and a football player would come in and steal her away, and i’d be left all by myself listening to elton john!” ^_^

and now they’re showing clips from the tom snyder show. he’s talking to alfred hitchcock about what he’s afraid of… getting a ticket from a policeman. *dun dun DUN!*