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DAN, YOU FIEND! YOU TOOK YOUR TAPE OF THE CARTOON NETWORK MUSIC VIDEOS BACK HOME! (either that, or i just can’t find it around the house here… ^_^;;)

i’m duplicating the otakon music videos for stueypark right now (and now i know what to do when kittenchan sends me a tape ~_^ if anybody else wants a tape of the music videos, send me an e-mail ^^ (oh, oh… glenn’s on his way to becoming a fansub distributor… ^_^;;))… dan and i watched all of the videos earlier today – for the most part the videos are pretty blah: it seems to me that if you want to get your video into the contest proper, it is almost a requirement that the video contain fancy-schmancy special effects. in some cases, the music video was terrible (IMHO ~_^) but it contained these special effects and whatnot and so it got into the contest. 😛 there were two or three that really stood out, though… ^_^ i still say mine should have made it in… ~_^

today stueypark and and went to go see the navy football game today. to prevent being laughed at by ocarina, i’m not going to say who we played and what the score was. it was that bad. ^^;;

found a copy of norton utilities i had burned onto a cd today. plugged in my busted-even-though-it-shouldn’t-be drive, and it’s not showing up at all… *sigh* i think i’ll just wait until the actual commercial cd comes in the mail before i start tinkering around with it… -_-;; but maybe i’ll go and get this drive… 60 gigs for $130! ^_^ and it looks like ups gave up on setting a scheduled delivery date for my memory upgrade… i ordered it on the 31st of august, told it would arrive on the 6th of september. it was finally picked up on the 5th, then i was told it would arrive on the 10th. then i was told it would be delivered on the 7th. then on the 7th i was told it would arrive on the 6th – the previous day! – and today it said that it would arrive today (the 8th). now there isn’t even a delivery date listed! @_@ it also still says that it’s en route to the dc sort place (dunno why it’s going there… usually things go to the burtonsville sort place then they come here) and it left from burtonsville (just outside of dc) to get to dc. and it’s been that way since 4:14 AM!! -_-;;

i went and bought the “gorillaz” cd today… that, and moby’s “animal rights” cd. and tomorrow’s my last day at tower! frankly, i’m happy i’m going to a different job (hee hee hee, everyone at tower is jealous of my new job! ^_^), but tower is a lot of fun… i’m not sure if it’s worth an extra $5 / hour to not be able to wear casual clothes and be able to fool around on the job and have fun… ~_^ but, if i do get to eventually work for verizon then my tuition is all taken care of! ^__^

*at the tv* grr! i can’t believe they showed this video and not mine! both are eva videos, both songs are fitting to the series, but mine is more fitting! and mine has lip-synching! and mine has cleaner footage and better timing! *nods* >.>

oh, yeah! paige at work gave to me yesterday an invite to her 21st birthday / halloween party she’s going to be having… i think it’s going to be thrown by her friend jen (another co-worker)… the invite is pretty funny, though… it says:

costume contest!!!



sex, drugs, and


lapdances from paige

for 5 bucks a pop!!!

(see jen for details)

and apparently a costume is mandatory, hehehe… it’s also apparently semi-hush-hush since there are co-workers that she doesn’t want to be inviting along – when i got my invitation she said “here, you’re invited to my party, glenn, ‘cos i like you!” pity she already has a boyfriend, hehe… ^_^;

*at the tv again* grr! and now it’s a gaming video! BLARGH!!! 😛