don't fall off the mood swings in the playground

today i went from alright to really great to blah to unhappy and now i’m back at alright… man is that weird to go through all in one day!

almost got to work late (i’m getting myself a new alarm clock tomorrow morning… with mine right now i don’t even hear it anymore, much less have it wake me up!) and i didn’t have a lunch with me. ^^;;

as the day went on, patrice from my temp agency came by to talk to the manager about some sort of appointment for an interview or something, and as she left she asked me if there was anything i needed. i said that i was curious as to how long with temp-to-hire jobs, how long do people usually temp with a company before the company decides to hire them or not? she said that usually it’s 90 days, but since verizon really likes me and they really want someone to work for them, that it should be much sooner than that. ^__^

then for lunch, i went down to the blimpie subs place in the shopping center where my verizon is at, and found a chevy chase atm that i didn’t know was there, and i had a 3-cheese sandwich for lunch. ^_____^

but by the time work got out, my feet were really hurting… i guess because i hadn’t really been standing for 8 hours every day while i was on my break over the weekend… ^^; also having some people complain at work wasn’t really fun, either (though they didn’t complain to me, but i saw one lady complain to a salesperson even though he was doing what she wanted him to do, and another guy complained to another salesperson about how i “wasn’t doing my job” because he didn’t see me when he came in and so he had to wait around a lot. 😛 makes me want to run my server again just so i can kick off people who make me mad like these people do. -_-;;;)

so i got home, all unhappy and sore, and soaked in the bathtub. and i saw that tower sent me a paycheck! yay! ^__^ so that’s made me feel a bit better and cheered me up some.

but now i must go to bed early because i woke up late today (and besides, i want to go to the bank to deposit my check, the fedex place to ship off my hard drive, the sprint place to check up on when my contract ends, and stop in at bed, bath and beyond or at radio shack next door to my store to see about picking up a new alarm clock for myself).