breaking news, on location in glenn's sunroom

apparently one of the pilots from september 11 went to the naval academy. cnn wants to interview some people from his graduating class. guess where they want to interview them? in my backyard. well, in my sunroom, actually. ^_^ thing is, you won’t know it’s my backyard because they put up a black backdrop, but they might get a shot of the interviewer guy and the interviewee going up my driveway beforehand. it isn’t live, so you can’t just turn on your tv and see my place, but they’ll be showing it at some time and letting us know when they’ll be showing it. we’ll be getting cnn t-shirts too. ^_^

so, right now, cnn is poking around in my sunroom. i didn’t believe mom when she first told me about it, ‘cos i thought it was just a crazy plan to get me out of bed. it’s true, apparently. she said “open that door and say ‘hi guys!’, ‘cos i told them all about you.” so i opened up the door and said “hi guys!” and 4 guys from cnn all looked up from setting up the electronics and said “hi!” ^_^

and nobody’s here to know this is going on except mom, myself, and dan. we think dad might come home from the bank in the middle of this and not know what’s going on… ^_^;;