a report just released from my pants has declared my wang to be "massive", "sturdy", and "fearsome" ~_^

work went better than i thought 11 hours of standing would go… we had 19 people waiting at once, and only 2 complaints in the entire day. now that is called “having patience”! one of those complaints came 10 minutes before closing, and it was a stupid couple. the manager on duty almost wanted to come out, look at his watch, say “it’s 10 minutes until closing… NO.” and point at the door, hehehe.

but overall, the people at work were well-behaved and a few of them were really nice (they went and got us bagels! ^__^)

saw a few cute girls at work today, too… :P~~~~~ <- [drool] ‘cept i couldn’t mack on them since they were either with boyfriends or with parents. nuts. ^_^;

my hard drive is being shipped to me now, or so stu tells me… dern maxtor site won’t let you check your drive’s status if you’re on a mac. 😛

heh… quake 3 team arena doesn’t work properly… they got to do some work-around thingy to get you to put your cd key in to run the program. 😛 and the true combat mod is cool, but there’s NOBODY TO PLAY! no servers come up (at least not within a short amount of time) and the two servers i have managed to join either don’t have anybody, or only had 3 bots. 😛

dan and i are going to go to the apple store today. ^__^ they better have copies of 10.1 there… >.>

mmm… cute girls… ^__^ happy dreams tonight…