work tomorrow is going to suck… i’ll be working for 10.5 hours (10 hours if you don’t count my break). either i’ll show up at 10 and work until 8:30, or show up at 10:30 and work until 9 pm (closing). ^^;; i could have stayed later today, but i was too tired and too hungry to stay. i’ll need to bring both a lunch and a dinner tomorrow… oh well… it’s in return for me getting to leave early from work yesterday… ^^;;

my feet don’t hurt as much (just a little bit now! ^_^), thanks to dr. scholls. ^^ i guess it’s just taking a little time for my feet to get used to the comfort. mom thinks that maybe my shoes are a little too tight, but i can’t find these slip-on loafers i have that are slightly bigger which would be better to wear. ^^;;

i’ve been reading my liberty meadows comic books the past few nights… they’re really really really funny! ^__^ i really like the comic strip (we used to get it in the washington post, but we don’t have it in the baltimore sun… phooey…) maybe i’ll make myself some livejournal icons from them… hmm…

ugh… i was trying to keep this entry free from me talking about recent events, but just now i was reading this article on people jumping from the world trade center and my song changed in the middle of it, and as i read i heard the song “voices” from the macross plus soundtrack: “we can fly… we have wings…” >_<;; it's bedtime for me now. here's hoping for a dreamless sleep... ^^;