finally! my memory arrives, and i also recieve my copy of norton utilities in the mail! and my hard drive shipped tonight, and i have shipping set so i recieve it by tomorrow afternoon! yay! ^_^ tomorrow night methinks i’ll see if i can get my files recovered off of my computer’s busted hard drive (norton doesn’t see that the drive is there, so tomorrow i’ll have to do some major fiddling with it since i’ll be fiddling with the hard drive anyways… ^^;) at least i have tons of ram to keep me happy until then ~_^ mmm… os x is oh-sexy… ^_^;

my feet are hurting, but not as much as they could be hurting… i guess that’s a good thing, but i’d prefer that they don’t hurt at all. ^^; huzzah for dr. scholls, though! ^_^;

hmm… urban terror time, yes… i wanna see how quake runs now! ^_^