my music video i’m now working on is starting to shape up ^_^

dan came up with a funny idea for myself and some of our friends to do as a parody ^_^

i’ll be leaving my job at tower in a week – going to send in my week’s notice to my boss tomorrow…

one of the supervisors was followed around at work today by some girls he knows. we kept saying how he had his fan-club with him today… i said “well, i would have a fan club if i was down at randy-mac right now…” and mentioned how they were having a mixer but apparently since it’s a womens’ college there’s nobody to mix with, so dan and myself would have been rarities there ~_^ and since i had to work today, i was toying with the idea of calling in and seeing if i could just take the day off. but, i figured i’d go into work anyways (besides, dan only had enough syringes for his insulin for yesterday and today, so we wouldn’t have been able to spend another night if we wanted and were able to ^_^;;). i concluded my story with “see the sacrifices i made for my job?” and struck a dramatic pose, hehehe. if my schedule allows, susan and betsy say i can tag along with them when they go to visit in two weeks. ^_^ (when i asked susan if i could go back to randy-mac with them, she called me a “randy-mac fiend”, lol ^_^;; – she gets a cookie for using “fiend” – my word of the month – though! ~_^)

i think they might let me keep my discount at work, though ^___^ one of the supervisors was wondering if i’d get phone discounts and mentioned that if i worked at verizon then i’d get inside info on phone stuff… she’s in the market for a new cellphone ‘cos she’s got sprint right now and her calls are always cut off. ^^;; apparently she used to have verizon wireless, but there was some billing problem (she extended her minutes in her plan, and that extended her contract by a month ^^;;; – the info on this was hidden away in the fine-print on the back of the contract… ^^;;)

geh… i’m up too late… ^^;; bedtime now…