work is fun! fun is work! well, not really…

i’m much better now than i was this morning – fooling around with co-workers is fun! ^_^

we’re all very silly at tower…

…like when we kept zapping each other with the barcode scanners…

james: *zaps jen with the scanner*

jen: “dammit! you just gave me breast cancer! … well, if i had any breasts, they’d have cancer!”

jen: *zaps her register with the scanner*

jen: “there! now my computer has cancer! … nevermind… that was so unfunny.”

all at the registers: *bust out laughing*

…or when james tried to buy something on his employee discount…

james: *scans product at the register* “sweet! $0.01! ^__^”

or when we were counting out our registers…

barry: “jen, looks like you’re $4.00 short…”

jen: “it was glenn’s fault! he took it from my register! check his pockets! you’ll find $4.00 there!”

me: “uh… ^_^;;”

barry: “no, wait… you’re actually $4.00 over…”

jen: “oh, well, glenn put it there! he’s trying to frame me to get me fired!”

me: “yeah, i’m such a fiend! ~_^”

jen: “i love tim, the loss-prevention guy! i’d be all, ‘take your hat off again, pleeeease?’ ^-^”

jen: “… uh, there’s a camera right there… tim looks at that, doesn’t he? uh… he better not know how to read lips! ^_^;;”

me: “with your luck, he’ll be right there at the doorway when we get out and be all ‘hello, jen!’ ~_^”

jen: “great! ^_^”

…or when we finished at the end of the day…

jen: *goes to put something away in paige’s locker* “dammit, paige! why is your locker full of magazines so i can’t put stuff away in it?! -_-;;”

sarah: “porn magazines, nevertheless! ~_^”

paige: “shaddup, you two! :P”

and when i left apparently there was a shoplifter or two… our security guy and another employee chased them across the parking lot… dunno if they were caught or not… ^^;;

but that end-of-day excitement made me forget to pick up my paycheck! ^^;;; so, dan and stu and i are going to go see rush hour 2 tonight… and we could swing by work so i can pick that up and get stu his headphones that he wants. ^_^