hopefully i’ll be able to go visit evelyn this weekend – dan’s car probably wouldn’t be able to make it there and back, and mom and i came up with this idea that’s fine with her… i just need to call dad at work tomorrow and see what he thinks… basically IF i can convince my dad about the plan, and IF i can get the saturn a tune-up on thursday, then dan and i can probably leave on friday and i’ll drive down there and back (dan doesn’t know stickshift).

*crosses fingers*

of course, this is all resting on what my dad says about me stealing our saturn to drive off and back.

anyways… i got lots of work done on my new akira / “boyz in the hood” music video ^_^ i don’t think it’ll be as good as my bohemian rhapsody video, and some parts will be a stretch to fit, but i think that the song goes well with the anime. ^_^