the world's made up of this 'n that

itunes is evil – it dumped all my mp3s into the trash. good thing i didn’t delete them by accident or something. ^^;; so, what i’ve decided to do, is i’m going to trash the mp3s i have from physical cds i have and re-rip them, so i can have a consistent bit rate (should be “psuedo-consistent” since they’re all going to be variable bit rate > 160kbps! ha!)

went to tower today and got this cd i bought the other day that was scratched (hard to tell, though – a scratched cd that only does the scratched bit when it plays “rockefeller skank” by fatboy slim is hard to tell that it’s scratched… it sounds just like the normal song! ~_^) i’ll have to double-check something at work after my interview with southwest… i might not have to work on sunday at all! ^_^

and tonight i bought some memory for my computer… this memory i got is silly! it isn’t 6 inches long like my regular pc-100 memory… no… this memory i got is instead about 2 inches long… ^^;; so tomorrow – time to make a return to get it exchanged ^_^;;;

funny… these things happened to me tonight, and normally i’d be a bit irritated… but tonight, i don’t care! woo! ^_^

and meaghan and evelyn are arriving tomorrow! and otakon starts the day after that! ^___^ i think when i get back from work and get my memory exchanged, i’m going to go and finish start (^_^;;) my spike costume… all i need to do is alter the suit jacket so it looks like spike’s… i should have bought this wallscroll i saw the other day that had spike on it that made it very easy to see how his suit went… ^_^;;

and now to try to find my highschool diploma, ‘cos i’ll need that for my interview! woo! ^_^