*sniffle* they better take darn good care of my baby! ~_^

took my computer into macupgrades today. dad drove over, i drove back home. he told me that i “successfully navigated the washington beltway”, hehehe ^_^ anyway, they told me that it should take 2 or three days for them to get my computer all fixed up (assuming a speedy delivery on any parts they need to order). so in the meanwhile, i brought up our family’s old computer that i upgraded with parts from my aunt ‘n uncle’s old computer (so now it’s called “frankenputer”! ha!). but i want my computer back! but even more, i want it back in working condition. so i guess it’s ok if it’s out for a few days… ^_^;; just as long as they don’t erase my 45 gig drive! my 10 gig drive is the only one to be tinkered with! there’s NOTHING on there that i need (mostly because i already erased it! ~_^), so that’s the drive for them to fiddle with! nothing else! >.>

and i got a call from my temp agency today – apparently they need me to go work just for tomorrow at this place called “FTI”… something about forensics, i think… anyways, they had this one temp there who didn’t do a good job (she had to stuff binders, and she stuffed them wrong, so they gave her the boot), and so they said to me that they needed someone smart and fast to fix her mistakes tomorrow from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. and, the part that really boggled my mind was that they told me that the pay was $25 / hour. i think that’s too good to be true – i think i need my ears cleaned out or something… ~_^ but then again, temp agencies do pay very well. ^_^

time for lunch! i haven’t had anything to eat today! and i’ve only drank rootbeer! gotta get my eat on! ^^