payin' my dues

went to my interview… it consisted of the power going out and being asked basically the same 5 or 6 questions by two different people. ^^; but i drove there and back! all by meself! through broken traffic lights and accident-traffic on interstate 97! ^_^

and now i’ve paid up and now i’m a paid member of livejournal… it was one of those “sure, why not?” type of things… sent in my money over paypal, and within 10 minutes i’m all set. but it still won’t let me see my friends’ postings even though i logged out and back in like it told me, so i guess the servers are *really* overloaded then. ^^;; why should this matter to you? well, now you can send me text messages if you’re a pal of mine – aren’t you lucky? ^_^

now i need to get myself some more icons set up… but i think right now i’ll go work on the cowboy bebop model i bought myself the other day since it’s nice outside. ^_^