otakon! woo!


packed everything up and was dropped off at susan and betsy’s house. they thought it was meaghan and evelyn, but no, it was only me. ^_^;;

meaghan and evelyn and their friend dropped by, and meaghan gave us presents because she was having a hobbit birthday (i got nailpolish! ^-^), and we drove to drop off their friend at the light rail station to get to baltimore.

we then drove and picked up susan’s paycheck from the wawa where she works and later picked up frank from the airport. back to susan and betsy’s house before going to downtown annapolis to eat at buddy’s crabs and ribs and walking all around town.

went to my house here where i got to show off the booklet that mom made me for my birthday where i’ve got all of the autographs and whatnots from famous people. ^_^ then we headed back to susan and betsy’s and hung out for a while and dropped frank off at his hotel before we went to bed.


went to the convention. susan and betsy had pre-registered while the rest of us did not. so, we all got through the registration line in about 5 – 10 minutes while they had to wait about 45 minutes to get through. stu found me after i registered, and we went and found dan and his brother and peter and made fun of them for being in the really really really long line. then we all went to the megatokyo / webmanga panel and met jess and nick and fred and rodney and ian and ian. then we walked around and went to eat and went to hang out in nick and frank’s hotel room and hung out there, then we went back to go around in the dealers’ room where i bumped into maeka and then get in line for mystery anime theater 3000.

mystery anime theater was alright… even though susan and betsy and evelyn had been saving us space in the line for an hour and a half, we all were stuck in the second to last row so it was hard to see and hard to hear. 😛 they’ve got to fill that room up a LOT better next time. 😛

then we couldn’t find meaghan or frank or nick or anyone, so we had meaghan paged and she wasn’t even in the room (but some of her friends ‘n fans heard her name and showed up to see her – that’s how i met godai), so we went to the hotel and found them there and drove home and went to bed.


dressed in costumes. my pants for my spike costume were huge in the waist, but i was able to get them to fit. ^_^; went to see FLCL but that was cancelled because otakon didn’t have permission to show it or something. godai showed up after a bit, and after waiting for nick and his crew to show up we all decided to walk around. shortly after we chose to do this, two girls came up and glomped myself (as spike), evelyn (as ed), and meaghan (as julia), and then glomped me again. that was the only glomping of the con (unless you count the guy with the sign saying “free hugs” ^_^;;), but several people took my picture throughout the course of the day. ^__^

bumped into nick and crew, and then headed off to his hotel room to hang out. meaghan and evelyn changed out of their costumes, but i stayed in my spike costume all day, which enabled me to spook people in the hotel by having them think i’m some anachronism from the ’70s, hehehe. ^_^;

went back around the dealers’ room, went back to nick’s room, and then back to the con to go see the cosplay. it was alright – a few of the skits were really really really funny – but overall it was pretty blah. we left early to go back to nick’s room, where there was a party going on. ^_^ yay for crazy-eights! but then the guy with the cards we were using for crazy-eights had to go, and so we ended up going back to the con to the dance. the dance was stanky, though, ‘cos it had a lame dj with no imagination, so we went back to nick’s room to hang out and chat and then susan, betsy, evelyn, and myself went back to susan ‘n betsy’s house to sleep.


got to the con a little late, but susan, betsy, evelyn, will, gabe, stu, marc, leah, and myself made it in time to see my music video. ^_^ even though it was in the overflow showing (where the videos aren’t all good), it got a tremendous crowd reaction even before the videos started (i guess the audience just saw the song with the anime it was going with and really liked the combination ^__^) i think i’ll be entering it into katsucon now. ^_____^ i was also able to get the crowd reaction on videotape, too! ^_^

then dan, will, pete, dan’s brother dave, nick, tom, and myself went off to the dealers’ room, and caught up with everybody afterwards. stu bumped into us on his way back from the autograph signing – he got a cheapo-imitation cel of asuka signed by tiffany grant, asuka’s voice-actor – and i wanted to see if i could find the autograph line too. i couldn’t, and shortly dan, dave, marc, leah, pete, and myself went to eat. afterwards, i went to try to find the autograph line again.

when i finally found the autograph line, i asked a guy in line who was going to be signing (since everyone on sunday was TBD), and he said Toshihiro Kawamoto, and i said “great, who’s that?” a quick look in my booklet said that this was the guy who designed the characters for cowboy bebop! ^____^ but, foolish me (well, i didn’t even know about this signing today!) had the cowboy bebop character artbook i bought on friday sitting at susan ‘n betsy’s house. ^_^;; so instead i had him sign my program and i got to shake his hand and say “domo arigato” ^_^ who says i do badly in japanese? ~_^ so, i figured that this was a worthy line to wait in, and i tried to call dan to have him come on over, but all he heard was “hey, dan, i’m at…” before my phone’s battery died. -_-;; stupid me left his charger at home, and only had half a battery to start with. ^^;;

after that, went back to nick’s hotel lobby to wait for jess and shelby to arrive (shelby was arriving from london on her way home, and was going to visit with us for a few hours. when everyone arrived we all went to fuddruckers for dinner. nick says that he should be able to host my music video for me – all i need to do is send it to him next time i see him on irc. ^___^ susan and betsy weren’t feeling very well (probably food poisioning from the dinner the night before), and so after eating we headed back to susan and betsy’s house where we watched some anime, and then chatted with people on irc and then showed meaghan and frank my music video before going to bed. and today we woke up, sat around, and then i was picked up and dropped off back at home.

all in all, a pretty fun weekend. ^____^ and i got to meet all these people that i had talked to online, but never met, which was neato. ^_^

and overall, i bought in the dealers’ room:

friday: cowboy bebop character artbook ($28), cowboy bebop swordfish (spike’s spaceship) model ($25), macross plus ost 2 cd ($14)

saturday: the whole series of captain tylor on dvd – 4 dvds ($110)

sunday: NOTHING! i decided to call it quits once i bought all those dvds, hehe ^_^; i did get free anime, tho… some girls ran up and asked if we wanted free anime, and after giving pete a tape they said that it was a pretty bad anime and they didn’t like it, so they were giving it away. so i took it from pete, hehehe.