ooh, more music video… uh… music! ^___^

went to work tonight… work went by really slow today. the night before it was slow too, but i was out of there before i knew it (if that can make any sense… ^^;).

but! kelly wanted me to pick up some cds for her using my discount… everyday by dave matthews band, and herzeleid by rammstein. so when i went on break tonight i used this as a convenient excuse to get myself some more round shiny plastic things ^___^

so i picked up greatest hits by queen (no “mustapha” on there! that would have made this cd complete! ^_^;), greatest hits by styx (ha! that rhymes! ^_^), early days – volume 1 and latter days – volume 2 of the greatest hits by led zeppelin.

*looooooves his discount!* ^_______^ $27.50 saved just on my 4 cds – they would have been about $76, but that came down to $39! ^^ and that’s not counting kelly’s cds, either! ^^

now… let’s see what videos i can think up using these songs… ^__^

and i get home and i have myself another turkey sandwich (yum yum!) and susan, evelyn, and dan are all online! glee! ^_^ but now that susan knows i got myself a styx album and i like mayo on my sandwiches, she’s lost all respect for me. ^_^;;; but maybe i’ll be nice and let her see more of my captain tylor dvds… ~_^

and tonight i’m full of it! what am i full of? the funny! woo! ^_^ (and i’m soooo modest about it, too! ^-^) ~_^