"once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, when the staffs of Tower stores…"

curse you evilyn! now i want some mint chip icecream too! and we don’t have any! grar! >.>;;

i’ll make myself a turkey sandwich instead… yum yum yum! ^__^

i got my paycheck today! i was supposed to get it last friday but couldn’t ‘cos i was out at otakon. so, i meant to get it this past friday but i forgot, and so i wanted to get it yesterday and forgot then too… ^_^;; but i remembered today! ^_^ now i’m $187.36 richer! yay! and this coming friday is another payday! woo! ^__^ and now our paychecks come with this little home-brewed newsletter called “tower times” that’s made up my our manager. it’s really funny… full with info on how to deal with different store policies and whatnot (things like no cellphone use during the day, and “if answering or using the phone throughout the day is something you simply must do, then let me know and I will see what I can do to get you a telemarketing gig…”), since we used to have lots of full-time people but now we’re doing lots of turnovers of employees. it’s even got these little clip-art things in it for the heck of it (one shows a smiling man holding a rifle and a chicken and the caption says “THIS PICTURE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING… I JUST THOUGHT IT WAS KIND OF COOL…”). really silly

i didn’t even get myself any cds today… *is proud of himself* ^_^;; partly because i can’t think of any new cds i want to get… ~_^

and i bumped into 3 people today that i went to elementary school with at work today! ^_^ got to chat with one of them for 5 or 10 minutes… she remembered how “in one class we talked for about an hour about dr who!” ^__^;;

ok, time to make myself a turkey sandwich, and then off to play some games. woo! ^_^