my new temp job rocks the casbah… it rocks it so much, in fact, that they want me to come back tomorrow for about 5 hours to work some more. ^_^ (lemme see… about 12 hours, and if they’re paying me $25 / hour like i thought they said… that’s almost $300 for two days! zowie! @_@)

and they were very pleased with me… “the other side of the spectrum compared to the temp we had yesterday” i heard them say to the temp agency about me. ^_^ at one point they told me to take a break and cruise around on the internet to find something fun, and so i went to slashdot and they complained that that wasn’t fun enough, hehe. so….

– long-as-i-want lunch breaks

– snackage in the kitchen area

– crusin’ on the net when there’s nothing to do

– and NO BINDERS! (at least not today… tomorrow i have to finish up some stuff with the business cards and then i have to fix what the other temp did wrong)

*likes this temp job* ^__^

woo! and all i really had to do today was put some people’s info into a database, and they started looking for things to challenge me. so they had me make these business-card-thingies with info for their vision insurance program, and they really liked those. ^_^ so then i just sat there and printed these out and fed them into a laminating machine (that i kinda broke… well, it wasn’t really my fault! some cards got stuck inside! ^^;;; i had to take apart the machine to get ’em out and put it all back together…).

and i went to tower and sent off an e-mail to all the employees to find someone to take over next friday for me. ^_^;; *crosses fingers*