my computer's going, and i skipped a day, so here's a loooong post! ^_^;;

*hugs his computer* WAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! ;___________;

(can you tell i’m taking my computer into the shop? not the usual shop, but instead a different one. i want to compare the service of this place to macservices, and i want to kinda get a second opinion / train of thought when repairing computers.)

i think it just needs a new power supply, but i’ll have to see what they say about my computer… i thought it was hilarious when the guy from apple i talked to said that if i have any more troubles after my computer is repaired, to call him directly because “a computer shouldn’t have this many problems”. my response in my head was “NO KIDDING?! WOW! THAT’S NEWS TO ME! I NEVER THOUGHT THAT HAVING THE CPU AND THE MOTHERBOARD REPLACED, AND THE VIDEO CARD REPLACED TWICE WAS TOO MANY PROBLEMS!” but i laughed it off – it was pretty amusing, after all. and if it’s still busted after all these repairs, then maybe they’ll send me a new computer! ^_^ *is very very hopeful, but doubts this’ll happen*

but hopefully it’ll come back all fixed so i can get os x installed on it and have it actually WORK. >_<;; tonight was the action figure party concert at *sniffle* i remembered that about an hour into the concert. i don’t think they would have let me in anyways… the webpage says you must be 21 or older. but someone at work said that the guy promoting the concert told tower that it was an all-ages show. -_-;; and i would have had free admission since i bought the cd! ^^;;

stu and i had a fun game of urban terror tonight – i went helicopter surfing! wheee! ^_^

and i think i might get myself a paid account after otakon and my birthday… the good thing would be faster servers and lots of icons! ^_^ the bad thing: having to find things for all those icon spots, hehehe… i’ve got the three icons… my default one (gotta keep that! it’s my little oboe-logo!), and the two that meaghan made me. ^__^ (my serious one for times when i don’t need to be super cheerful or happy, and my chibi one for when i need to be cheerful or happy or chibi ^^)…

…or maybe i’ll get myself a pda… the visor deluxe looks pretty good… it’s comparable to the palm iiixe i wanted to get (and they stopped making it! -_- *pout*) the palm m105 isn’t bad, but i don’t like how small and rounded it is… pdas ought to be SQUARE i say!

and i got me a birthday card from pap-pap today! ^_^ s’got my picture on it, and his picture on it, so i guess this means that he got his scanner working…

*thinks* hmm… pap-pap got himself a pretty new g4… maybe i can swap mine with his… bwahaha… ^_^;;

i punked out on working on my spike costume for otakon… ^^;;; *has a bad work ethic* ^^;;

kelly went to see the movie “jurassic park 3” tonight with some guy everyone calls “Happy”… *distrusts people who have nicknames derived from adjectives* >.> but i was happy to see that evilyn put me in her poll on her site – i don’t have to tell you twice who to vote for, do i? ~_^ *slides the reader a $50 bill through the fourth wall*

and my birfday’s on friday! if ya wanna drop by for cake and whatnots, give me a holler over e-mail or on aim first! ^_^

anywasy (ooh, a typo, but i think i’ll leave it that way – it’s now a cool word.. i’ll have to give it mad props in my dictionary…), it’s probably time for me to drop off to bed…