music and anime… two addictions…

the amazing thing of having 1500 or so mp3s dumped into the trash by the fiend known as itunes is that having the majority of these mp3s all in one folder to peruse at my leisure. now i can rediscover some songs i didn’t even know i had. ^_^; it’s like looking through an attic full of knick-knacks! ^_^ i totally forgot i had mp3s like “sweating bullets” by megadeath or “the element song” by tom lehrer. ^_^;;

hmm… people are apparently already selling otakon stuff on ebay…

evelyn: now, i want to know why you know this….

me: lol, hey! i wouldn’t stoop to this! stu told me about it, hehe ^_^;

evelyn: yeah, uh-huh, riiiiight

*thinks* i could do that… and soon i’d have… ONE MILLION DOLLARS! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ^_^;; then i could pay for tuition! and have just enough left over to get myself a candybar! or a rootbeer! but not both… ^_^;;

and don’t buy this one book that stuart has about anime. it reads like a college thesis. unless, of course, you’re writing a paper for your college thesis about anime. ^_^;; or if you want some good laughs. this book is quite the silly! ^^

… and it looks like the ‘rents won’t let me use the saturn next week to go down to randy-mac to help evelyn move in… something about kelly having fieldhockey practice or something like that that day that she needs to be driven to. hm. dan says that maybe i could borrow his car and drive down there, but then we thought “well, this is dan’s car… it has a hard enough time crossing the street!” and they also thought that me driving 5 hours away was a bit much. but as dan, his mom, and myself now are saying, “there’s always gotta be a first time!” so who knows… if not, then i’ll just have to visit some other time! ^__^

and tomorrow i go back to work! first time in two weeks! and i should be getting some money since last week was payday! woo! ^_^