l33t liek JEFF K

my copy of tall blond man with one black shoe arrived today! yay! ^_^ i’m going to check and see what the video quality is like in a minute, but the box and tape physically look fine… hehe… it looks almost like someone stole it from a video store or someplace… ^_^;

and when i first woke up and got online, some guy on aim started messaging me… i think his username was “GLENNwilchaU” or something like that. apparently his name is glenn also. anyways, he starts asking if i like eggs, and keeps bugging me so i just sat here and humored him. he said that i was mean when i wouldn’t recieve his song about mullets that would help wake me up (my aim client can’t do file transfers, so all i saw was “hey, want to listen to this song about mullets?” sure, ok. “… hey, ur mean!” :P) now if there are two things i hate, one is random messages from people i don’t know who act like they’ve known you for years and keep pestering you about everything, and the other thing i don’t like (i really really really hate, as a matter of fact) are people who type with all those darn acronyms… “u”, “ur”, “y”, “oic”, etc. 😛 things like “lol” are ok, ‘cos that’s REALLY an acronym, but i hate it when people are just plain lazy and don’t even bother typing out the full words. GRAR! glenn smash people who talk like that. >_< *smash smash smash* anyways, i managed to get away from that guy by saying "ok, i'm going to get some food now... 'later..." and then i banned him. hehe ^_^ he did have it coming… ^^ and now my list of banned people has doubled to 2 whole people! wow! and that’s out of 111 people on my buddy list! so you’re only banned if you really start getting on my nerves.

now i’m going to find some food (really!) and check out my tape. ^_^