"it's 1 o'clock and i'm still in bed" … well, not really… that's just lyrics in the song… ^_^;

about halfway done with my ripping of the akira dvd for work on my next music vid. ^_^ another music vid where the song fits the anime… “boyz in the hood” by dynamite hack to “akira”. ^__^

and i’ve got to clean up the house… some friend of my dad is coming by… apparently they used to work together… or something… *shrugs*

and i don’t want to do any of this at all! ^^;;; i want to go to the beach tomorrow! i want to go visit evelyn! house cleaning is booooooooooooooooooooooooooooring!

and i didn’t even get my tape of “tall blond man with one black shoe” in the mail today. phooey. ;_;

but dan should be home today! yay! i want to go back to that anime store and to the korean market and go and get some more cds to back up my computer. ^_^;