it works! yippee!

got my computer back from macupgrades today – they replaced the processor (a $541 part + $100 labor if it wasn’t under warranty – and this is the second processor that has been replaced in this computer, giving a total now of the motherboard replaced once, and the processor and video card replaced twice. they should have just given me a new computer to start with… ^_^;;) os x works like a charm now ^_____^

and they’ve posted the dates of next years’ comic-con online – august 1-4… who wants to room with me? ~_^

today is a good day so far ^__^ in a little bit i’m going to go off to the bank and see if i can get myself a handspring visor, and do some investigatin’ to see if i can get my service plan changed for free wireless web for my cellphone – then i can hook that up with the visor and browse the web and update my journal from anywhere! ^_^ and then, off to work until 12:30 am! ^_^;;