i fluctuate too much with some ideas. ^^;

sometimes i’m so excited or unhappy about something i want to tell everyone about it, and yet tell noone in particular at the same time. i guess that the way i’d go about telling these things would be the equivalent of standing in an empty parking lot and shouting at the top of my lungs, but i wouldn’t care if someone walking by the parking lot at that exact moment heard what i was shouting.

the thought did cross my mind when i was leaving work yesterday (wednesday) evening to stand in the middle of the parking lot and do this exact same thing. ^_^;; just stand there and shout things.

i probably would have been given real funny looks if i stood in the middle of the parking lot and shouted some of the things i wanted to shout, though… ^_^;;

anyways… ^^; otakon tomorrow! yay! i have to get my costume all done, my clothes packed (‘cos i’ll be staying at susan and betsy’s house…), $$$ from the atm, and stu and i have to go to best buy to look at this special phone thing they have (it’s a cellphone that you use special calling cards with instead of having a service plan), and then off to susan and betsy’s house to get ready to meet meaghan and the elusive evelyn when they arrive today! yay! ^_^