i am amazed!

wrote this last night, but livejournal was down for maintenance when i tried to post it… ^^;; so pretend it’s 3:10 am when you read this ~_^

tonight was FUN! ^_^

got home from work, and mom, kelly, and anne decorated the dining room with piratey-themed decorations. apparently they got that idea just this morning. ^_^

will got by about 30-45 minutes early, and so he, stu, and myself hung out while waiting for gabe, susan (betsy later came by after she got off of work), and dan.

after some quick eats we played “trivial pursuit: glenn edition”. mom, dad, kelly, anne, and myself came up with different questions about me that would go under the different categories in trivial pursuit, and will, stu, gabe, susan, betsy, and dan had to see what they knew about me. ^_^ dan ended up winning (even though stu got all his questions right first) due to having to land in the middle after getting all the wedges, and he got a $10 gift certificate to the movies. ^^

and then we had cake and icecream and they had me open presents. ^_^ dan found me a chibi asuka ufo-doll, anne got me a pirate action-figure, stu got me a us mint bag that formerly held quarters along with another pirate action-figure (plus a second part that hasn’t arrived yet he says), susan and betsy got me a $30 gift card to best buy, and dad got me another pirate action-figure and a cd by a local group called “the pyrates royale” – they dress in pirate-clothes and sing sea-shanties (apparently mom bought the cd that was being used as a demo cd at a museum gift-shop downtown, and since i tried recently to borrow it from the library to find out that it had been “lost”, so the parents put a sticker on the spine and wrote inside it to make it look like it was property of the local library, hehehe ^_^). all very much appreciated. ^___^

the really big surprise (big enough to have me not check any incoming mail for months!) was this…

my parents somehow managed to get all these different celebrities and notables to send me autographs! ^________^ all in a very nice little binder to keep them all safe. ^__^

who did i get autographs / well-wishes from? well, lemme tell you… (just don’t drool on my pictures! ~_^)

  • john glenn (the astronaut guy who i was named after)
  • chuck yeager (the guy who broke the sound-barrier)
  • peter falk (actor who played columbo)
  • ben stein (movie / tv actor)
  • frank oz (movie / tv actor / director / producer)
  • elton john (musician / the guy with the funky glasses ~_^)
  • jay leno (tv personality)
  • bob dylan (musician)
  • bob barker (game show host)
  • john inman (tv actor, from the british comedy “are you being served?”)
  • john williams (composer)
  • tom baker (stage / tv actor, from “dr who” – he sent me a book he wrote, too!)
  • charles nelson reilly (movie / tv actor / director, and personality from the game show “match game”)
  • + 7 or 8 that might still be coming

    this was something i did NOT expect! ^___________^

    all in all, it was a very fun night. ^_^ and here i was thinking that turning 19 would be blah! ^_^;;