lookie! i won it! yay for me! ^_^ and this time it’s not a laserdisc! ^_^;

and i got myself the soundtrack from “fight club” – i had all the mp3s, but i like working in a music store… the discounts are fun fun fun! ^_^ we even get discounts on CANDY! ^____^ even this one guy who already left to go get a different job recently came in today and they let him still use his discount… apparently he even left work last september, and came in a few months later and he still got his discount… let’s hope they keep that policy! ^_^

i forgot to ask about my paycheck, though… i’ll do that tomorrow… ^^;

and since both jen and i were on register, i was able to talk with her about her experience at otakon… turns out she didn’t have much fun since her friends she was planning on seeing there were all on staff and so she barely saw them. ;_; she says she’ll probably not go to otakon any more (she liked how i described it as “getting to be very corporate”), and she said she likes the smaller cons like animeusa and katsucon much better. which i can understand. but she said that she didn’t go into the dealers’ room at ALL at otakon. which i can NOT understand! that’s just impossible – going to an anime convention and NOT getting things in the dealers’ room! ~_^