**goes through his playlist to find an appropriate song… ^_^**

with a can of compressed air and some ingenuity, i just fixed my stereo ^_^ dern thing was giving me bursts of static and i didn’t have a lens cleaner, so just a couple sprays of air on the lens fixed everything ^_^

and i just got a call from adecco (one of my temp agencies) – they’ve got a job that they think i’d be able to do… work at verizon wireless (just about right next door from my tower records! ha!) where i’d work on a temp-to-hire basis and stand there and greet people as they come in and direct them to the appropriate place / person in the store. all this for $10.95 / hour! zowie! ^__^

i know a good opportunity when i hear one… even if i do use a sprint phone and not a verizon… ~_^

only things that worry me are that there’s a little interview (15 minutes – the temp agency is scheduling one for me right now), and i might have to quit my job at tower because you have to be flexible with your hours. i like my discount, and i’d really like getting $10.95 + $6 / hour, too, so i hope that i won’t have to do that… i’ll have to ask when i go in for my interview… ^__^