gizmo the cat! he's all that! yeah!

i really should go and take my shower for work… too lazy… ^_^;

woo! i’m still the high bidder for my ebay auction! ^__^ yay!

but even if i didn’t win this bid, there’s another one that just started that’s a vhs tape and subtitled too… ^_^

mom says she would feel better about me going to help evelyn if someone else came along too… *pokes dan* but she doesn’t want people to be driving down and back all in one day… and i might not be able to go if i have to stay down there for two days, since i work late next week and mom doesn’t want me taking off… ^_^;

but TODAY i’m feeling especially silly! woooo!! amazing for someone who stayed up until 3 am! and the cat woke me up, too! yay for gizmo! such a smart cat! he gets a treat! ^_^

payday for me today! yay! (even though it’s one week late ~_^ but i’ll forgive them since i wasn’t there last week, hehehe)