beach! yay! ^_^

went to the beach today with susan and betsy and stu – it was lots of fun ‘cept for the water being kinda cold (somewheres between 70-74% ! F – but it was alright once you got used to the temperature), and demon-spawn children running amok (they threw icecubes at seagulls and ended up hitting stu with the icecubes :P). but it was really neat – we saw wild horses and spent about 3-4 hours or so on the beach, and walked around on the boardwalk and had boardwalk food like pizza and lasagna for dinner and i got saltwater taffy and picked up some fudge for mom and susan and betsy got popcorn and french fries and stu and i both got dippin’ dots. ^_^ and aeire did an excellent job of bugging me with text messages. ^_^ (i swear something’s wrong with you people! i tell you to bug me and i get a total of two messages, one from aeire and one from ocarina! i guess you all are a considerate bunch, or something… ~_^)

and when i was out i got a call from adecco – they really liked me there and they want me to call back tomorrow morning and tell them how the interview went and even though the supervisor really liked me i might have to be interviewed next week by the new supervisor. ^_^;;

evelyn got her cd burner already! yay! ^_^ now i’ll have to coach her through installing it into her computer. ^_^ *is a good geek* ^^

and i’m almost done with decoding my akira dvd! only 4 more files to go (but they’ll probably take all night, though… ^^;;), but then i can start work on my new music video! yay! ^__^

hmm… i think i might go to bed early tonight… but first it’s time to play some games! ^__^