as your body grows bigger, your mind grows flowers… it's great to learn, 'cos knowledge is power!

forced the family to watch some of “irresponsible captain tylor” tonight, hehehe… i think when this series is done i’ll have them watch akira… and then they’ll say “no more anime for glenn! it is disgusting! ick!” etc etc.

found a VHS copy of “tall blond man with one black shoe” on ebay. subtitled too. ^_^;; and i have a cat on my lap right now! silly gizmo ^_^

i’m wanting to go back to school (“the boy actually wants to learn? gadzooks!”) but i can’t. ‘cos i withdrew already. *sigh* working is cool (make mad money, right?), but i’d want to be learning things again (hehehe… that just sounds funny… “learning things again”…)

my grandfather called up the other day saying things like “don’t drop out of school” (i’m not dropping out, just taking time off to work)… “well, don’t do that – get a loan and keep up your schooling because then you can get jobs that pay $20-30 / hour to help pay back the loan, instead of working $8-10 / hour jobs that push back your education” (um… yeah… i really want to have school loans hanging over my head… 😛 besides, i’m not the only student that’s ever done anything like this, either.)

it’s nice that he’s concerned and all so i’m grateful for that, i guess… but on the other hand i’m mad irritated that he thinks he can just start ordering me about.

at least he went and called up later to talk to dad and dad told him all about our ideas and plans and he respeced those ideas. he told us to look up something called a “509 loan” and call him back after we researched it. heh.

but it’s hard enough already in getting myself to accept taking time off to work and not go to school. i don’t need it to become any more complicated by various family members saying what is/isn’t good for me to do. -_-;;

i wish they’d just accept it like tonight, when i bumped into an old friend of mine and his parents at church today. his parents asked when i was going back and i said “actually, i’m not – i’m taking a semester or two off to work” and they thought that was pretty cool.

and so it seems i’ll have to get my peer-experience by visiting my friends at their respective colleges. hehehe… maybe i’ll be able to sneak into lecture classes and get to learn things without having to take exams and do homework. like i once said, this would be a pretty cool idea. for me at least.

*thinks about the ease of sneaking into classes* hmm.. that could easily enough be done… just need inventive reasons for staying in the room during lecture if they ever want to know why you’re in there… and it could easily enough be done when i visit dan and peter at umbc… but if i ever want to do this when i visit evelyn and shelby at randy-mac i’d have to paint my toenails first… ~_^

but if i’m going to be staying around the house for extended periods of time, i think i’m going to get myself some airport equipment for my computer and network (even though it would be bad for me to be spending large amounts of money… ^_^;; but the sanity from setting this up would be a big reason to get it all… ^_^) then i’d be able to move my computer down to my room and be able to get not only out of the den but down into my nice quiet room where i can be quite a bit more comfortable, but also get a bit more freedom and let myself get away from everyone more. and i’d still be able to access the network and the cable modem from down there. all wireless. ^_^ yeah… that’s the next thing i’m going to be saving up for. ^^

and now i can’t get up to go to bed. silly cat is on my lap. and he’s sleeping. ^_^