a break from the 'ol routine

i did my temp job today… was paid $49 or so for working today. not bad – they paid me an extra hour ‘cos i did such a good job and finished up an hour early, hehe. got free candy, too. but as peter says, “candy rots your teeth!” ^_^;;

i got the job with verizon, though ^_^ i’ll have to leave my job at tower though. ^^;; but they like me so much that they don’t need a second interview with me. ^_^ i go in on next tuesday as my first day and get my schedule then. ^^

i’m in a blah mood though, even with these good ‘n fun things happening… maybe it’s partly because it’s really odd having everyone go back to school and you’re not going back for the first time in 13 or so years. ^^; *shrug* who knows…

i think i’ll go take a nap… *yawn*

nevermind… both couches are taken… 😛