happy birthday to me!

one more year to be teenagery!

i’m now 19,

oh aren’t i so keen?


get yer birthday whacks in while you can, this day’s only once a year! ~_^


    • you’re not supposed to hit me on my birthday! you’re… um… supposed to hit other people on my birthday, since it’s not their birthday! yeah! that’s it! ^_^;;

      thanks, sam! ^^ *passes a slice of cake*

  1. birthday joys

    Whew! Just made it under the wire, but it’s the thought that counts! Happy birthday, and hope today didn’t suck too much!;)
    It sucks to still be a youngin. Can’t wait for 21!! 2 more years baby! I’m already scheming for the pilgramige to several bars on Rt 1. A girl scout can never be too prepared.

    • Re: birthday joys

      thanks kelly! today was great! ^_^ *passes a slice of cake*

      2 years – that’s only 365 * 2 = 730 days – better start a countdown! ~_^

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