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Welcome to Drug War II. (Score:5, Interesting)

by Black Parrot on Tuesday August 28, @10:52PM (#2228355)

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Citizens, attend.

You are seeing the creation of the new drug war. You can expect to see the following features of DW-I in instant replay

  • criminalization of perfectly ethical behavior that powerful segments of society happen not to approve of,
  • draconian penalties for these supposed crimes,
  • justification of this nonsense on the basis of huge ass-pulled numbers purporting to show how much damage the “crime” is doing to the economy,
  • legislators and public prosecutors fanning the fire to further their careers,
  • courts that will set aside your traditional freedoms because the wankers in the FBI can’t get their convictions in a free society,
  • ultimately, absolutely no impact on the behavior that Drug War II was supposed to control, and
  • a new eco-niche for genuine crime, created by the new legal system and exploited by punks who will ultimately be the next generation’s Organized Crime (cf. prohibition, Drug War I).

Fear for your freedoms.

The court ruled it legal to f— the voters by running out the clock, and demonstrated how to do it.

Re:Welcome to Drug War II. (Score:2)

by HongPong (hongpong2000@@@yahoo…com) on Tuesday August 28, @11:27PM (#2228473)

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Quite unusual… If this is the next Drug War, and the next generation of organized crime, then the Norwegians (DeCSS), of all people, have a leg up…

“You gonna pay Fadda Svetlander or you wanna dip in the Lutefisk vat?”

I find your idea here compelling. I guess it means dorks like me will be badass or something… cool! — I hacked LinuxPPC 2000 into a 6100/60! Yay!

My song for dmitry (Score:3, Funny)

by wrinkledshirt (wrinkledshirt[at]hotmail[dot]whatdoyouthink?) on Tuesday August 28, @10:23PM (#2228233)

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Young man,
there’s no need to feel down
Because your plane
back home can’t get off the ground
I said young man,
Get comfy in your new town
There’s no need to be unhappy.

Young man,
There’s no place you can go
I said young man,
Until you cough up some dough
You will stay here
until you’ve served all your time
For your insignificant crime.

It’s fun to stay in the U S of A,
Because of that old grand D M C A
For cracking DVD’s,
Or an e-book or three,
You’ll get jailed for eterniteeeee…

It’s fun to stay in the U S of A
Because of that old grand D M C A
For proving to the world
That our encryption’s a toy
You’ll get jailed with all the boyyyyyyys…


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