went and did the whole drug-test thingy… the place seems to be run by two very crotchety old ladies ^^;; then we went to go see “rat race” – dan wasn’t able to come along since he had to drop his brother off at work and was stuck in traffic. so he stayed home instead.

the movie was alright, some parts were pretty funny (i got a big kick out of the nazi-mobile, hehe), but i don’t think it merits going to see again in the theater (kelly already saw it in the theater the other day).

and i got a temp job for tomorrow and the day afterwards if i don’t finish it all tomorrow… i get to sit there at some realtor place and proofread text that was engraved on bricks and make sure these packet-thingies have the proper color and size of t-shirts in them. $8.50 / hour… not bad for only two days, methinks ^^

and i’m going to KILL my keyboard now. 😛 stupid thing will only back up one space if i hold down the delete key… going to test it right now to see if it’s just the keyboard or if os x is causing problems…

*testing* bla */testing*

yep, it’s os x that’s the troublemaker… grr… 😛