i was able to swap shifts for friday! so if dan’s schedule is free then we can go and visit evelyn! yay! ^___^

and today i got “play” by moby, and “tweekend” by the crystal method… i had to get “play” after listening to it on the way to the beach (susan and betsy are such fiends for having me listen to it!), and at work we had “tweekend” in the play-pile and whenever i’d hear a song i really liked i looked and saw that it was this cd that was playing. but jen already claimed it, so i had to buy it myself, and paige yelled at me for buying one of our remaining 3 copies of this cd, hehe. ^_^;;

but now it’s mine! yay! ^_^

and i felt like such a dork today at dinner at work when i logged on to aim through my visor… hehehe ^_^;; *is such a geek…*

and tomorrow (well, today, considering that today is monday) mom and kelly and anne and stu and dan and myself are all going to go see “rat race”, and then stu and dan and i will probably go off to creature zone (that one anime store by his house) and see what we can find there. ^_^