rush hour 2 was pretty good ^_^ the out-takes at the end had one that was REALLY REALLY FUNNY! ^___^

i think i’ll go to bed now, lol… it’s 4 am… ^_^; dan said i could go home with him tonight and we could go on a trek to creature zone tomorrow (today), but i said i’d pass on that tonight…

maybe i’ll get my tape of “tall blond man with one black shoe” in the mail… ^_^

and evelyn’s going to call today so i can coach her through installing her cd drive. ^_^

i found this cd at work today (we had it in the play pile, and i bought it this evening), it’s a collection of duke ellington songs that they had on the show “ken burns’ jazz”… i’m noticing that lots of these songs on here i’ve heard on this one internet radio station i listen to often. ^_^ maybe i’ll be able to find more of those songs on other ken burns’ jazz cds… hm…

and i got my paycheck… $124.67 isn’t bad for two weeks at $6 / hour (especially when you consider that i wasn’t in for three whole days for otakon ^_^;), but i’d prefer making this in addition to the money i’d be getting if i hopefully get the job with verizon. ^_^

ok… sleep-time now… sleep = good!