just showed kelly akira… mom started to watch it and thought the animation was very very good, but as it wasn’t a “mary movie”, she decided to go to bed. i think that was for the best. ~_^ kelly hasn’t said what she thought of it, but i think she liked it. even though the ending was quite weird. 😛

every time i watch that anime i always see something new that i never noticed before. and this is, what, my 4th or 5th time i’ve seen it? ^_^;

apparently dan might not be living on campus at umbc… just found out about that tonight from stu, and dan reminded me about that just a little while before i started typing this. hm.

i’ve got some ideas now for icons! ^_^ i think when i’m done getting my footage from akira i’ll go and rip some of my tylor dvds – already got ideas in mind… ^_^

and i’m going to the beach tomorrow (sorry, evelyn! i’ll have to visit you some other time! ^^;;;;;;;)! with susan and betsy! and stu! woo! we’re all going to assateague island, and then to nearby ocean city for dinner. yum! ^_^

i best get to bed then… gotta wake up in 6 hours to get ready to go! ^_^ and if all goes well we’ll be at the beach between 11 and noon! ^_^

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