had my interview at verizon – the guy who interviewed me is leaving on september 1 and so he’s going to give the info of the interview to the guy who’s coming in to replace him on the 1st. some bits of info from the interview:

– they liked my hours (they didn’t think my hours at tower should cause much of a problem, since my tower hours are the same every week and barely overlap)

– if i work there and they like me enough to hire me (it’s on a temp-to-hire basis), then they can pay for my tuition. ^___^ i’d just need to get my foot in the door, so to speak.

– the guy who interviewed me was impressed that i knew my cellphone brand and model number off the top of my head, and liked how i was interested in gadgets and stuff like that (i did connect my phone to my handspring, after all ~_^). he also said that maybe they can fit me with a cover for my phone since it says “sprint” on it, and they don’t want people going around the store with phones from other brands, lol ^_^; maybe they’ll give me a headset too, since when they gave their employees headsets their sales of accessories increased. ^^

– the job is to stand there and make sure people who come in sign their names in this book up front (used to find who’s next in line to be helped), and answer small questions that people may have (they might just have a little question that needs to be answered and not really need to see anybody), and direct traffic in the store (billing payments that can be done in 30 seconds can be squeezed in during presentations of services to people that usually take about 30 minutes). so they just need someone to keep the store flowing smoothly. and the pay is $10.95 / hour.

so afterwards i dropped by tower to pick up a cd that susan wanted, and all my coworkers wondered why i was all dressed up, and when they found out why they all said “damn! i want to stand there and say ‘hi!’ to people for $10.95 / hour!”

funny… when i was typing this the next song that played (my mp3 list is on random) was “money (that’s what i want)” by the beatles… hehehe… ^_^

when i got back home dad and i had to try to get our old van down to the street to be towed away since it done got busted. we had to jump-start that thing several times (whenever we’d put it in gear it would stall out and we’d have to jump-start it again ^^;;), and so eventually i had to end up pushing it down the driveway.

and now i’m sitting here, chillin’ like a knoxvillian… (bad pun ^^;)

*goes off to clean up some stuff before going to play games* ^_^