mowing the lawn is hard work… whew…

anyways, mowing gave me time to think ‘n contemplate. i’m wondering what would be better – having a crystal ball to let you know whether or not something would happen, or not know and be surprised if it did. there are pros and cons either way, so i can’t make up my mind which i myself would choose. good thing there aren’t any of these magic crystal balls – i wouldn’t be able to make up my mind! ~_^

<entry interrupted for holy-day mass>

i don’t really like mass much. unless it’s father heyburn saying mass. his sermons really make me think, instead of just listening to the priest preach. probably the thing that gets me is that there are the people who go to mass and act all holy and whatnot and then they start beating each other up in the parking lot trying to get out. not that that happens at our church. just an example why i think the way i do about mass. ^_^; it shouldn’t matter whether or not you go to mass, just as long as you act proper outside of the church.

plus father heyburn is really cool – he goes and makes everyone sing (i once heard a different priest say for everyone to sing – ‘cos if you’ve got a good voice, you should use it, and if you don’t have a good voice, you should let god know about it! ~_^), and when he talks he not only makes it so you have to think (whether or not you want to) about whatever it is he’s talking about, plus he also works in jokes and little anecdotes as well. i think it would be neat to bring in a tape recorder and record his sermons for later listening. ^_^

but i can’t stand evangelizers or the people who feel that they must recruit everyone into the church. 😛 reminds me of this thing i once found off of memepool:

Jul 13, 2001 where irony does not truly register with the saved.
to Religion by fatherdan

anyways… stu’s coming over soon and we’re gonna watch some of my irresponsible captain tylor dvds i bought! yay! ^_^